ASURED Program 2017

Admissions to the ASURED Program 2017 are now open!

ASURED – An Executive Program With Unique Features

ASURED is one of the five educational programs worldwide offering education in both Urban Planning and Real Estate Development within the same program. The others are located in London, Glasgow, Miami and St. Louis. Unlike the other programs, ASURED is unique in that it offers a teaching staff mix from eight countries in Western and Eastern Europe, and the U.S. The ASURED Program is conducted in its entirety in the English language.


ASURED is offered as an Executive International Postgraduate Program.  Its mission is to raise planning and real estate development leaders who are ethical, politically committed, and technically capable of planning and developing high quality urban places. The participants in the program study fundamental economic and political processes that shape the built environment of cities and ways in which governments, community-based organizations, private sector actors and political entities produce and influence these processes.

The ASURED Program Format

The CONTENTS of the ASURED Program includes face to face sessions and on-line courses. The Final Thesis will be defended at the Center of Excellence in Planning (CEP). [See calendar] The content of the 16 courses is described in the Courses section, along with the pictures and bios of the professors. The total number of credits offered by the ASURED Program is 90 ECTS.

The ASURED 2015 series will actually have more face-to-face time in Bucharest than the previous series, and a sophisticated education communication platform (Learn Dash). The latest technology will allow the faculty to communicate easily with the students and between themselves.

The professors will post on the ASURED Learn Dash platform advance reading a couple of weeks before the face-to-face session, and will ask the students to provide paper reviews, comments, quizzes and/or multiple-choice tests, as proof of studying the materials. By the time the students meet the professor, they will already have a grade for the class, which will be finalized on Day 3, after intense interaction, group work and additional testing or with an additional assignment shortly after the face-to-face session ends.

ASURED Program Attractiveness

There are several features that make the ASSURED Program attractive to international students:

  1. The unique combination of skills taught (real estate development and urban planning), the main skills needed for city building.
  2. The unique faculty team from eight countries. The 2016 ASURED series will benefit from courses given by  Margaret McFarland, the Director of the Real Estate Program at the University of Maryland at College Park, Edgar Kiviet, architect and urban planner, Senior Associate Director at CallisonRTKL, London, UK, Dietmar Wiegand, head of the Real Estate Development and Project Management Division at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria.
  3. The RICS accreditation. ASURED was specifically designed for RICS accreditation. RICS (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) is the most prestigious real estate and urban planning accreditation body and was founded in the United Kingdom in 1868. RICS accreditation for ASURED was granted in July 2014. ASURED is the only RICS accredited Educational Program in Eastern Europe.
  4. Starting with 2015, the ASURED Program graduates qualify to become members of the prestigious International Urban Fellows Association (IUFA) of Johns Hopkins University.
  5. It is very affordable. We believe in financial accessibility for those eager to develop professionally and think that high tuition fees can act as an obstacle on the path to gaining knowledge. Compared to similar Programs offered by universities in the U.S. and Europe, ASURED will cost interested students only 4500 euro in tuition and $3-5,000 in travel and local expenses in Bucharest for the entire program.
  6. Other Activities. ASURED 4 Program will be supplemented with lectures and workshops given by top professionals in the fields of real estate development from real estate firms (CBRE – Razvan Iorgu, JLL – Silviana Badea, COLLIERS – Ilinca Paun, DTZ – Oana Iliescu).
  7. The chance of visiting an “exotic” country and culture, with real bears, an authentic ecosystem, and a fantastic cultural tradition. One can see the picturesque Romania in the Travel Channel documentary series, “Wild Carpathia”.

ASURED Program Certification

The ASURED Program graduates will receive a Certification from the Center of Excellence in Planning (CEP) and the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest (UAUIM), and an accreditation by the prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) – London, 1868. Upon successfully completing the ASURED Program, the graduates will qualify for a RICS interview to become RICS Members (MRICS).

RICS Accreditation

Key Facts

Author: Elena DrunceaDuration: September 2016 – June 2018
Credit value: 90 ECTS
Tuition: €4500
Application deadline: July 1st, 2016
Location: Center of Excellence in Planning, 3-5, Moxa Street, Bucharest, Romania
Offered by: Center of Excellence in Planning (CEP) in cooperation with “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning (UAUIM)

ASURED facilities: In addition to the Moxa facility, the ASURED students have access to the main university facility (UAUIM), located within 20 minutes walking distance from CEP, in downtown Bucharest (University Square). UAUIM has two excellent libraries, a coffee shop and other facilities. See map >

Admissions are now open!

Applications can be sent electronically to the ASURED Program at or 
until December 15th, 2016.

The applications requirements are:

  1. Proof of Bachelor or Master Degree in related fields:
    • Architecture, Urban Planning, Economy, Geography, Law, Government, Administration, International Studies, Real Estate Certifications, etc.
  2. A 2-4 page CV (resume) in English;
  3. Proof of English capability (reading, comprehension, writing, speaking fluency): TOEFL or similar certifications, practice in international organizations and firms etc.;
  4. A two-page essay on the motivation and reason for applying to the ASURED advanced studies program (in English).

Get in touch!

For additional information, please contact us at: 
Center of Excellence in Planning 3-5, Mihail Moxa Street, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40 021-212-5081  Email:

Opportunities for ASURED Graduates

The Center of Excellence in Planning (CEP) is actively supporting the ASURED graduates to get a job or to participate in international projects through the ASURED faculty networking, CEP partners in Romania, U.S. and Europe and ASURED Alumni Association which was instated in June 2015. The Center of Excellence in Planning is in the process of forging strong cooperation agreements with the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the Georgetown University in Washington, the University of Maryland at College Park, New York University (NYU SCHACK) and several European Universities in Barcelona and Bologna, and will engage in joint research and international consulting with Asian and Australian Universities. The main theme is HEALTHY CITIES and SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT.

There are also opportunities for the ASURED students and graduates for research and publication in the CEP online journal and “Applied Research” series of books. See CEP publications>

The ASURED Alumni Association

Author: Elena Druncea

Started in 2015, with the help of a grant from the German Marshall Fund Black Sea Trust (GMF BST), the ASURED Alumni Association is meant to provide a communication platform for the ASURED Program graduates, to enable networking, Information flows and ASURED Program promotion in Romania and the region (Eastern Europe, the Balkans,the Black Sea).

Other program features include:

  • Providing customized education for students (individual attention, advice and counseling). Junior researchers and teaching assistants will advise students individually.
  • Acting as a regional hub for Eastern Europe and the Balkans, with students from the region.
  • Providing unique networking opportunities for both faculty and students.
  • Developing a unique academic concept, with inter-linked course contents (internal program links and external links to the world literature and experience in planning and real estate).
  • Applied science features: every concept will be illustrated with the practice in the field.
  • Flexible schedule – teaching courses in “concentrations”.
  • Hi-tech emphasis: teleconferences, video conferences, distance advising, etc.
  • Active search and assistance in the job market for the graduates.

UP 1 – European Urban Planning & Design

The necessity of an integrating vision and multidisciplinary view

RE 1 – Introduction to Real Estate

This course applies the latest economic thinking and research

RE 2 – Real Estate Development in Europe

The course provides an overview of the real estate

UP 5 – Urban Regeneration: Large Projects Design

The main objective of the course is to explain

UP 1 – Integrated Urban & Real Estate Development

Based on the reflection of cases and their individual

RE 3 – Location & Market Analysis for Real Estate

The course touches elements of initiating a proper investment

UP 4 – Sustainable Urban Planning / The Future of Cities

Cities are built through the efforts of more than

UP 2 – Local Government, Real Estate & Law

The real property market is affected by government policies

RE 6 – Real Estate Development – Legal Aspects

Legal issues regarding real estate transactions in Romania is a

UP 3 – Large Urban Projects – Implementation

The course is the third in the “Large Urban

UP 6 – Urban Mobility Policy & Instruments

The course defines the new paradigm of sustainable mobility,

RE 4 – Real Estate Appraisal

The measurement of the market real estate value is

RE 5 – Investment Analysis in Real Estate

The investment process requires a multidisciplinary set of property

UP 7 – Urban Development Project (Synthesis)

The specialists in project design, financing and implementation of

Final Thesis

The final thesis is a 30-50 page document (including

ASURED Courses

Click here for the full Course Calendar.

ASURED faculty

The international relevance of the program also reside in the teaching staff. The ASURED team gathers highly qualified experts from 7 countries. Learn more>

Ion Anghel / Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
Kerem Yavuz Arslanli / Istanbul, Turkey
Mircea Enache / Washington, USA
Uwe Brandes / Washington, USA
Evelyn Ernst / Vienna, Austria

Dietmar Wiegand / TU Wien, Austria
Edgar Kiviet / London, England
Liviu Ianăși / UAUIM, Bucharest
Florentina Iugan / Bucharest, Romania

Mihaela Negulescu / UAUIM, Bucharest
Gabriel Pascariu / UAUIM, Romania
Raluca Mișu / Bucharest, Romania
Margaret McFarland / Washington, USA
Alexandra Pereș / Bucharest, Romania

Iuliana Leon / Bucharest, Romania
Gábor Soóki-Tóth/ Budapest, Hungary
Nicoleta Radu / Member of RICS, Romania
Companies / BOG’ART, ALLTROM

ASURED Supporters