On Wednesday, 9th of September, 2015, two CEP Members, Arina Dordea and Vlad Pîrvu, attended the “Bucharest – European Capital” Colloquy co-hosted by the CAESAR Foundation and GEA Strategy and Consulting at the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, in Bucharest.

The purpose of the CAESAR Colloquy was to address the decision making bodies and the public opinion about the sustainable development potential that Bucharest holds, in the context of the approval of new operational programs and development of strategic documents that will define the trajectory for the city`s long term evolution.

Arina Dordea participated in the “Connected Bucharest” Work Group, moderated by Sebastian Burduja, which focused on sustainable urban mobility planning, solutions for promoting non-motorized transportation, options for financing urban projects and financial instruments destined for urban development.

Vlad Pîrvu took part in the “Competitive Bucharest” Work Group,  moderated by Dragoş Pîslaru, with the major participation of Liviu Ianași, which discussed the intervention fields that can determine the evolution of Bucharest as a competitive city, like: open data, entrepreneurship, local economic development, creative industries developed in urban regeneration projects, tourism, using smart technologies for urban management and local administration efficiency.

The Public Policy document that will result from the CAESAR “Bucharest – European Capital” Colloquy will be handed to decision factors, to be included in the development priorities for Bucharest for the period between 2016-2020.