Uwe Brandes about Creative Cities – Sala Frescelor, UAUIM, December 2nd

Uwe Brandes has over 20 years of experience in the planning, design and construction of new buildings, public infrastructure and the urban landscape. He is the founding Executive Director of the Masters Program in Urban and Regional Planning at Georgetown University.


Activitatea Clubului Studentilor Urbaniști. Despre Orașe și Creativitate - orașele, vehicule pentru mobilizarea, concentrarea și canalizarea energiei creative umane

CEP WEDNESDAYS – Creative Cities and The Creative Class

Cities are cauldrons of creativity. They have long been the vehicles for mobilizing, concentrating, and channeling human creative energy. They turn that energy into technical and artistic innovations, new forms of commerce and new industries, and evolving paradigms of community and civilization.

CEP WEDNESDAYS – Sustainable Urban Mobility in Urban Policy and Professional Education

Corrado Poli, scholar and social researcher, expert in urban and environmental policies, is currently the Scientific Director of the Academic and International Master in Sustainable Urban Management at IULM University, Milan.

Non-motorized Transportation – Exchange of Best Development Practices – Workshop 3

Exchange of Best Development Practices – EBDP Workshop 3: "NON-MOTORIZED TRANSPORTATION" is focused on the issues of accessibility, attractiveness and safety of walking and cycling in the urban environment.

CEP WEDNESDAYS – Romanian Urban Planning and Planners Going Global

OPENING of CEP Wednesdays Series ROMANIAN URBAN PLANNING & PLANNERS GOING GLOBAL Prof.dr.arh. TIBERIU FLORESCU Dr. arh. MIRCEA ENACHE Followed by an open discussion (language: Romanian)