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Integrated Urban and Real Estate Development
(Integrated Urban and Real Estate Development)

Urban development is the result of an unending number of events, decisions and interventions of different interrelated players — not only planners and developers. Based on the reflection of cases and their individual experiences students gain competencies to apply theories, models and methods of systemic management to steer urban development by different types of projects and to develop infrastructure and real estate successful and with positive externalities.

Regions, net infrastructure, project organizations, built environment and its use (e.g.) are complex, dynamic open systems. Respecting this challenge, students gain competencies to design and implement processes and organizations for the strategic urban management ­ the strategic muddling through. They guide the definition of targets; know the rich toolbox of possible interventions in urban systems - from regulations to the organization of a festival ­ asses the effects of alternating measures, implement what is appropriate for individual and social targets and monitor success.